Episcopal Church


  1. an autonomous branch of the Anglican Communion in Scotland and the US

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Example Sentences

I am a Bishop of The Episcopal Church, having served as the Bishop of New Hampshire for a decade, before retiring in January 2013.

Debra, a New York-based lawyer who grew up in the Episcopal Church, said the practice has never bothered her.

Comes word that the National Cathedral, an Episcopal Church, will start to perform same-sex marriages.

In 2003, when I was elected bishop, it was not at all certain that the Episcopal Church would consent to my election.

Actually, the Episcopal Church has dramatically changed in a very short period of time.

This is why the Methodist Episcopal Church, for example, has developed so little sympathy for the "federated" church idea.

And immediately all members of the Methodist Episcopal Church vote to close the discussion.

The Episcopal Church does not go quite so far as that; it allows the innocent party in the divorce to remarry.

The problem as seen from the viewpoint of the Methodist Episcopal Church is twofold.

Drank a little and cussed a little and went to the Episcopal Church, though he had been raised a Methodist.





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