[ uh-pee-zee-ot-uh-mee, ep-uh-sahy- ]
/ əˌpi ziˈɒt ə mi, ˌɛp ə saɪ- /

noun, plural e·pi·si·ot·o·mies. Obstetrics, Surgery.

an incision into the perineum and vagina to allow sufficient clearance for birth.

Origin of episiotomy

1875–80; < Greek epísio(n) pubic region + -tomy
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British Dictionary definitions for episiotomy

/ (əˌpiːzɪˈɒtəmɪ) /

noun plural -mies

surgical incision into the perineum during the late stages of labour to prevent its laceration during childbirth and to make delivery easier

Word Origin for episiotomy

C20: from episio-, from Greek epision pubic region + -tomy
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Medical definitions for episiotomy

[ ĭ-pĭz′ē-ŏtə-mē, ĭ-pē′zē- ]


Incision of the perineum during childbirth to ease delivery.
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Scientific definitions for episiotomy

[ ĭ-pĭz′ē-ŏtə-mē, ĭ-pē′zē- ]

Surgical incision of the perineum during vaginal childbirth to facilitate delivery.
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