[ ep-uh-thee-shee-uh m, -see-uh m ]
/ ˌɛp əˈθi ʃi əm, -si əm /

noun, plural ep·i·the·ci·a [ep-uh-thee-shee-uh, -see-uh] /ˌɛp əˈθi ʃi ə, -si ə/. Mycology.

the surface layer of tissue of the fruiting body of lichens and fungi, formed by the union of the tips of the paraphyses over the spore sacs.

Origin of epithecium

From New Latin, dating back to 1875–80; see origin at epi-, thecium

Related forms

ep·i·the·ci·al [ep-uh-thee-shee-uh l, -shuh l] /ˌɛp əˈθi ʃi əl, -ʃəl/, adjective
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