equal temperament

  1. the division of an octave into 12 equal semitones, as in the tuning of a piano.

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How to use equal temperament in a sentence

  • Much has been lost by adopting equal temperament, but more has been gained.

  • The author is one of the harmonikoi or Aristoxeneans, who adopt the method of equal temperament.

    The Modes of Ancient Greek Music | David Binning Monro
  • A few words, however, must be said on the subject of equal temperament.

    How Music Developed | W. J. Henderson
  • In this art he introduced a great reform, that of tuning on a basis of equal temperament.

    Sebastian Bach | Reginald Lane Poole
  • It is evident, therefore, that all major thirds must be tuned somewhat sharper than perfect in a system of equal temperament.

    Piano Tuning | J. Cree Fischer