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[ ee-kwuh-lahyz ]

verb (used with object)

, e·qual·ized, e·qual·iz·ing.
  1. to make equal:

    to equalize tax burdens.

  2. to make uniform:

    to equalize a rate of production.


/ ˈiːkwəˌlaɪz /


  1. tr to make equal or uniform; regularize
  2. intr (in sports) to reach the same score as one's opponent or opponents

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Derived Forms

  • ˌequaliˈzation, noun

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Other Words From

  • equal·i·zation noun
  • none·qual·i·zation noun
  • non·equal·ized adjective
  • non·equal·izing adjective
  • un·equal·ize verb (used with object) unequalized unequalizing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of equalize1

First recorded in 1580–90; equal + -ize

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Example Sentences

They can help to “synchronize” the grid, ensuring that supply and demand are precisely equalized—which they can do by both collecting power and discharging it.

However, and as Fleshman notes in her piece, it’s an issue of some contention whether equalizing race distances is really the sort of equality we should be striving for.

Meanwhile, RunEqual pointed out that Scottish Athletics had decided to equalize race distances back in 2015 with no apparent detriment to athlete retention rates.

I would love to join forces with the women’s team and help push FIFA to equalize not only World Cup prize money but equalize their investment in the game at all levels.

This also tends to equalize financial outcomes, creating less of a gap between the higher and lower earners.

JUDNICK: The immediate supremacist reaction is to equalize everything.

They have high quality child care, and political party quotas to equalize the number of men and women running for office.

Far from pushing “undemocratic” legislation, Yisrael Beytenu has attempted to push legislation that will equalize Israeli society.

I aim to build up the hand, to make it strong and dependable in every part, to fill out the weak places and equalize it.

Inft., and were transferred to the various companies, so as to equalize the strength of those companies.

Its purpose is to equalize the cost of various sugars and to secure better distribution.

It is possible then, with correct planning, to make the price of the dessert equalize the cost of the meal.

For to balance educational forces and more nearly to, equalize educational opportunities can only result in improvement.


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