[ ek-wuh-ree, ih-kwer-ee ]
/ ˈɛk wə ri, ɪˈkwɛr i /
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noun, plural eq·uer·ries.
an officer of a royal or similar household, charged with the care of the horses.
an officer of the British royal household who attends the sovereign or other member of the royal family.
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Origin of equerry

1520–30; alteration (influenced by Latin equus horse) of earlier esquiry, escuirie<Middle French escuirie stable, squires collectively, derivative of escuyersquire; see -y3
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British Dictionary definitions for equerry

/ (ˈɛkwərɪ, at the British court ɪˈkwɛrɪ) /

noun plural -ries
an officer attendant upon the British sovereign
(formerly) an officer in a royal household responsible for the horses

Word Origin for equerry

C16: alteration (through influence of Latin equus horse) of earlier escuirie, from Old French: stable, group of squires, from escuyer squire
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