[ ih-kwes-tree-uh n ]
/ ɪˈkwɛs tri ən /


of or relating to horseback riding or horseback riders: equestrian skill.
mounted on horseback: equestrian knights.
representing a person mounted on a horse: an equestrian statue.
pertaining to or composed of knights or mounted warriors: an equestrian code of honor.
of or relating to the ancient Roman equites.


a person who rides horses.

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Origin of equestrian

1650–60; < Latin equestri(s) (compare eques horseman) + -an

Related formse·ques·tri·an·ism, nounnon·e·ques·tri·an, adjective, nounun·e·ques·tri·an, adjective

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/ (ɪˈkwɛstrɪən) /


of or relating to horses and riding
on horseback; mounted
depicting or representing a person on horsebackan equestrian statue
of, relating to, or composed of Roman equites
of, relating to, or composed of knights, esp the imperial free knights of the Holy Roman Empire


a person skilled in riding and horsemanship
Derived Formsequestrianism, noun

Word Origin for equestrian

C17: from Latin equestris, from eques horseman, knight, from equus horse

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Word Origin and History for equestrian



1650s, formed in English from Latin equester (genitive equestris) "of a horseman," from eques "horseman, knight," from equus "horse" (see equine). As a noun, "one who rides on horseback," from 1791. The pseudo-French fem. equestrienne is attested from 1848.

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