[ee-kwuh-pol-uh nt, ek-wuh-]


equal in power, effect, etc.; equivalent.
Logic. (of propositions, propositional forms, etc.) logically equivalent in any of various specified ways.


an equivalent.

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Origin of equipollent

1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin aequipollent- (stem of aequipollēns) of equal value, equivalent to aequi- equi- + pollent- (stem of pollēns) able, present participle of pollēre to be strong

Related formse·qui·pol·lence, e·qui·pol·len·cy, noune·qui·pol·lent·ly, adverb

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equal or equivalent in significance, power, or effect
logic (of two propositions) logically deducible from each other; equivalent
maths logic (of two classes) having the same cardinality


something that is equipollent
Derived Formsequipollence or equipollency, nounequipollently, adverb

Word Origin for equipollent

C15: from Latin aequipollēns of equal importance, from equi- + pollēre to be able, be strong

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