/ ˈɛkwɪtɪz /

plural noun

  1. another name for ordinary shares

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Example Sentences

Balancing the offense/defense equities should be a White House call, made after having heard from all sides of the issue.

In our highly liquid equities market, all this would take place almost immediately.

We need to resolve this in a way that respects all of the relevant equities, particularly the investigation.

Is the marketing of such a terminal by a laid-off equities broker evidence of a great mind or moral force?

He was an equities trader with Solomon Brothers who was laid off in 1981 with a $10 million severance package.

The lower tiers round the arena were filled by the senators and equities, with their wives and daughters.

Pierre will sign proper orders, and convey at any time all his interests and equities.

Following these necessities, new rules, regulations and customs will be established, protecting the rights and equities of all.

Those advantages, which you suppose to disturb the equities of the case—were they not products of British energy?

The equities in these cases are in favor of the buyer, who is presumed to have purchased a perfect copy.