[ ih-rek-thee-uhm, er-ik-thee-uhm ]

  1. a temple at Athens on the Acropolis, begun c420 b.c., having two Ionic porches and a porch of caryatids: regarded as one of the finest examples of classical architecture.

  • Also E·rech·thei·on [ih-rek-thahy-uhn, -on, er-ik-thahy-uhn]. /ɪˈrɛk θaɪ ən, -ˌɒn, ˌɛr ɪkˈθaɪ ən/.

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Erechtheion (ɪˈrɛkθɪən, ˌɛrəkˈθiːən)

/ (ɪˈrɛkθɪəm, ˌɛrəkˈθiːəm) /

  1. a temple on the Acropolis at Athens, which has a porch of caryatids

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