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erectile dysfunction


  1. difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection of the penis; impotence.

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Example Sentences

It’s well-known that steroid use causes natural testosterone production to shut down, makes testes shrink, and can lead to a loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

From Vox

In fact, a host of reproductive problems in both sexes, from erectile dysfunction to infertility, are being spurred by pollution.

From Ozy

He specifically cites the men’s wellness brand Hims as inspiration, with its signs featuring beige tones, cacti, and very little indication that the company is selling hair-loss supplements and erectile dysfunction medication.

Call it tragic, call it comic, or call it both: The most enduring legacy of Viagra might be erectile dysfunction jokes.

Erectile dysfunction jokes have become a staple for comedy in the last 15 years.

If you were in the business of telling jokes in the 2000s, Viagra and erectile dysfunction were the gifts that kept on giving.

Others, such as “ED Med Shop,” focused specifically on one condition (in this case, erectile dysfunction).

While you or your partner might not be aware of it, stress and tension are the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.


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