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[ ih-rek-shuhn ]


  1. the act of erecting.
  2. the state of being erected.
  3. something erected, as a building or other structure.
  4. Physiology. a distended and rigid state of an organ or part containing erectile tissue, especially of the penis or the clitoris.


/ ɪˈrɛkʃən /


  1. the act of erecting or the state of being erected
  2. something that has been erected; a building or construction
  3. physiol the enlarged state or condition of erectile tissues or organs, esp the penis, when filled with blood
  4. an erect penis
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Other Words From

  • none·rection noun
  • pree·rection noun
  • ree·rection noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of erection1

First recorded in 1495–1505, erection is from the Late Latin word ērēctiōn- (stem of ērēctiō ). See erect, -ion
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Example Sentences

The disease might also affect the scrotum, which could decrease testosterone production and hinder erections, according to Rena Malik, a urologist at the University of Maryland.

ProPublica followed up with multiple sellers on Marketplace and was sent details for two Omnilife supplements that one seller said contain “nutrients that the body and limb needs to make a POWERFUL erection.”

The divisive political climate that led to the erection of those barriers makes Bakker’s sculptures timely.

Between showing and growing, erections and not, it’s rarely the same size.

From Ozy

Then, she says she observed Cosby “sitting in a love seat near Foster and she noticed that he had an erection.”

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, penned an op-ed blasting the “obvious erection.”

Liberal sex propaganda or just something that sort of looked like an erection?

Men get an erection, they touch themselves, and it feels good.

I remembered that someone told me that Zero G gave men the appearance of a perpetual erection.

A number of the articles were used in the erection of Edgbaston Vestry Hall, where the curious may inspect them if so inclined.

The cost of erection and the consumption of coal are not above one-third of a Boulton and Watt's, to perform the same work.

In fact, she was placed in a room—or rather an erection of three storeys or rooms—of stout lattice-work in a turret of the castle.

But more characteristic than the erection of altars is the connection of deities with special localities.

An oracle said that he would not succeed in its erection before a man voluntarily offered himself as a sacrifice.





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