[ er-uh-hwon, -hwuhn, -won, -wuhn ]

  1. a satirical novel (1872) by Samuel Butler.

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How to use Erewhon in a sentence

  • The myth above alluded to exists in Erewhon with changed names and considerable modifications.

  • If machinery is detrimental to biological fitness, the machine must be destroyed, as it was in Samuel Butler's "Erewhon."

    The Pivot of Civilization | Margaret Sanger
  • She had not read Erewhon, of course, yet was vaguely aware she had done something wrong.

    The Promise of Air | Algernon Blackwood
  • "Erewhon," however, a Utopian romance published in 1872, had by 1899 sold between three and four thousand copies.

    Modern Essays | John Macy
  • My father glanced at it, and saw that it was exactly like the one he had worn on entering Erewhon nearly twenty years previously.

    Erewhon Revisited | Samuel Butler