[ ih-rin-is, ih-rahy-nis ]

noun,plural E·rin·y·es [ih-rin-ee-eez]. /ɪˈrɪn iˌiz/. Greek Mythology.
  1. any of the Furies.

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How to use Erinys in a sentence

  • There was no more joy within the halls of Oineus, for the Erinys had done their task well.

    Museum of Antiquity | L. W. Yaggy
  • Then the voice of Ixion smote the ear of Hesioneus, harsh as the flapping of the wings of Erinys when she wanders through the air.

    Museum of Antiquity | L. W. Yaggy
  • And even as she prayed, the awful Erinys, who wanders through the air, heard her words and swore to accomplish the doom.

    Museum of Antiquity | L. W. Yaggy
  • So was the vengeance of the Erinys accomplished, and the work of the Avengers of Blood ended.

  • The name Erinys did not originally mean Fury, and it cannot be explained from Greek sources alone.