abbreviation for
  1. Exchange Rate Mechanism

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How to use ERM in a sentence

  • At length she said, "Miss ERM, whut erbout all dis awfil news gwine 'round 'bout you?"

    Overshadowed | Sutton E. Griggs
  • All dese tings, Miss ERM, makes it powerfil hard fir me ter make buckle and tongue meet.

    Overshadowed | Sutton E. Griggs
  • I declar' it begins ter peer ter me dat ERM is right, 'do I 'fess I didunt ketch on ter all de pints in her argifikashun.

    Overshadowed | Sutton E. Griggs
  • Sinister: A wyvern erect on his tail ERM., collared and chained as the griffin.

  • Crest: On a chapeau azure, turned up ERM., a boar passant or.

    Shakespeare's Family | Mrs. C. C. Stopes