[ er-uhl ]


  1. a male given name.

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When Chanda Prescod-Weinstein was a 10-year-old growing up in East Los Angeles, she came across the Errol Morris documentary A Brief History of Time, which chronicled the life of the physicist Stephen Hawking.

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Errol, whose diet is restricted, relied solely on their garden for food.

Errol has served in this capacity since the Ledouxs died in 1995.

A lot of people are going to go into this film thinking, Errol is going to break Rumsfeld the same way he broke McNamara.

And the latest contribution, just published, is A Wilderness of Error by Errol Morris, who comes to the same conclusion as Potter.

A review of the new volume of newspaper columns co-edited by John Avlon, Jesse Angelo, and Errol Louis.

As Errol spirals into madness, his brother desperately tries to rescue him from himself in a story whose suspense is dark.

Lady Errol, who was living with her husband in the Rifle Camp, had to crawl from under the dripping canvas in most sorry plight.

He collected about a thousand gentlemen of his own name, and Errol came to his aid with two or three hundred of the Hays.

Come, Errol, you would play the surly turnkey, but it is not in your nature; farewell for half an hour.

Mrs. Filson (Filson & Errol) had lost a ring in the Pullman car; after quite a search the porter found it and brought it to her.

The supporters of the Scottish family of Hay, earls of Errol, are two husbandmen, each carrying an ox-yoke.


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