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[ ih-roh-nee-uhs-lee, e-roh- ]


  1. incorrectly; wrongly:

    For years I recorded my birth date erroneously as July 1, until I discovered from my father’s diary that it was actually July 30.

  2. by mistake; unintentionally:

    I just posted these comments again because they were erroneously wiped out the first time due to a technical issue.

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  • non·er·ro·ne·ous·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

The book clarifies Dugdale’s seriousness and principles, pushing back against the superficial, adventure-seeking socialite label that has paired her erroneously with Patty Hearst.

Researchers have also found fact-check labels on misinformation can erroneously imply that posts without labels have been vetted as true.

A 17-year-old Nicaraguan, referred to in the report only as Juan, said he was erroneously placed in adult detention centers by officials who insisted he was not a minor and handcuffed him when he tried to confront them about their treatment.

A previous version erroneously stated that Zest had worked with Citigroup instead of Discover.

From Fortune

The action followed an embarrassing episode in August in which Citi erroneously sent $900 million to Revlon lenders, roughly 100 times as much as they were supposed to receive.

From Fortune

But Uber's surges are not price gouging, as some have erroneously claimed.

Update: An earlier version of this story erroneously described the group as anti-Bashar al-Assad.

Then, it was erroneously reported that Anna Karenina director Joe Wright had won the job (a very strange choice).

When the New York Post reported—erroneously—that police had detained a Saudi suspect, Rep. Steve King was quick to react.

Her brother, George Percy, was erroneously linked to Pippa Middleton.

Laverdire erroneously considers Sacqu as another form of Sagn, or Saguenay.

It has succeeded not in driving out, as I think it has been erroneously held, but in absorbing Buddhism.

Charley is one of my pets; and I am afraid I have presented you with an erroneously flattered picture of him.

In the sixth century of our era the monk Gildas referred complacently but erroneously to the ancient British faith as being dead.

The result of such desultory visits would be exactly what has been noticed, but erroneously attributed to immigration en masse.


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