[ ih-ruhk-teyt ]
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verb (used with or without object),e·ruc·tat·ed, e·ruc·tat·ing.
  1. to eruct.

Origin of eructate

First recorded in 1630–40, eructate is from the Latin word ēructātus discharged, sent forth. See eruct, -ate1

Other words from eructate

  • e·ruc·ta·tion [ih-ruhk-tey-shuhn, ee-ruhk-], /ɪ rʌkˈteɪ ʃən, ˌi rʌk-/, noun
  • e·ruc·ta·tive [ih-ruhk-tuh-tiv], /ɪˈrʌk tə tɪv/, adjective

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