/ (ɪˈrɪŋɡəʊ) /

nounplural -goes or -gos
  1. any umbelliferous plant of the genus Eryngium, such as the sea holly, having toothed or lobed leaves: Also called: eringo

Origin of eryngo

C16: from Latin ēryngion variety of thistle, from Greek ērungion, diminutive of ērungos thistle

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How to use eryngo in a sentence

  • In his hand he significantly carries a blue eryngo, called in German "Mannstreu."

    Albert Durer | T. Sturge Moore
  • There were candied eryngo-root, candied lemon-peel, and sugared coriander-seeds.

    The Historical Child | Oscar Chrisman
  • The order eryngo has a species of which the roots when candied have great restorative powers.

    The Bushman | Edward Wilson Landor
  • The Zonites, a rude clan, grazing on the heads of the prickly eryngo, despise all tender preliminaries.

  • Two Zonites, both visitors of the eryngo-heads during the heats of summer, are among the Meloid of my part of the country.