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  1. An increase in the intensity or geographical scope of a war or diplomatic confrontation. For example, during the Korean War , some Americans urged escalation of the war through bombing of the People's Republic of China .

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Example Sentences

The concern is that a public accusation would result in an escalation.

A Clinton-like intervention to halt an escalation will be a tough act to follow.

In short, it had all the makings of a nuclear attack drill, part of an escalation in long-range Russian operations worldwide.

First, legal sex workers in frightening situations can threaten to call the police, which may discourage violent escalation.

A U.S. escalation of bombing in Iraq and Syria would send it soaring.

The result was a tragic escalation of sectarian rage and reprisal that continues to this day.

There were several reasons for this rapid escalation in what was to have been a limited program.

It's like an escalation in the arms race, and understandably, no one wants to disarm alone.

Many books were written about the escalation of hostility through the language of political and ideological discourse.


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