[ es-puh-zee-toh ]


  1. Phil(ip Anthony), born 1942, Canadian ice-hockey player, in the U.S. since 1962.

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Example Sentences

That, Esposito said, is the power of film, the power of capturing the human experience.

Gilligan said he didn’t immediately think of Esposito for the role at first — largely because Gilligan doubted they could get him.

Lee asked Esposito to read the script to a musical he was working on called “School Daze,” which would become their first film together in 1988.

Despite the long and distinguished résumé that encompassed the first half of his career, Esposito felt boxed in.

City officials say Esposito and his partners have not yet shown they have the additional $750,000 or more needed to finish the project.

Comedian Cameron Esposito has returned to answer more questions people wanted to ‘Ask a Lesbian.’

Esposito plays Major Tom Neville, a former insurance adjuster-cum-militia member.

On The Howard Stern Show, he was forced to relive his four-month marriage to Jennifer Esposito.

Esposito: The moment you speak of has been one of my favorite moments.

Esposito: I thought it was poetic justice that Gus would go with Tio.

Mozart (tenor) was sung by Shkafer, the conductor being Esposito.