[ es-rohg, -ruh g ]
/ ˈɛs roʊg, -rəg /

noun, plural es·ro·gim [es-roh-gim] /ɛsˈroʊ gɪm/, es·rogs. Judaism.

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or eth·rog, es·rog

[ es-rohg, -ruh g, et-; Sephardic Hebrew et-rawg; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-rohg ]
/ ˈɛs roʊg, -rəg, ˈɛt-; Sephardic Hebrew ɛtˈrɔg; Ashkenazic Hebrew ɛsˈroʊg /

noun, plural et·rogs, et·ro·gim [Sephardic Hebrew et-raw-geem; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-roh-gim] /Sephardic Hebrew ɛt rɔˈgim; Ashkenazic Hebrew ɛsˈroʊ gɪm/.

Judaism. a citron for use with the lulav during the Sukkoth festival service.

Origin of etrog

From the Hebrew word ethrōgh Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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  • As I entered, he sat in company with another man, holding his Lulov and Esrog (palm and citron).

    Ghetto Comedies|Israel Zangwill