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[ ih-streynj-muhnt ]


  1. the state of being alienated or separated in feeling or affection; a state of hostility or unfriendliness:

    Since the summer there’s been a rift in the family over something that my daughter posted online, and I still can't figure out how this estrangement occurred over something so silly.

    Diplomatic relations between the two nations were officially restored after more than five decades of estrangement.

  2. the state of being separated or removed:

    After years of forced estrangement, the families of people living in the vast refugee camp are finally beginning to get some news of their relatives there.

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  • self-es·trange·ment noun

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Example Sentences

You have taken your disappointment and magnified it into a blooming estrangement.

In other words, you proceed in such a manner that puts the responsibility for their next familial estrangement precisely where it belongs.

For income, Lala braids hair along the beach, estranged from Wilma, who has sniffed the corruption on Adan and turned her face away.

As you've noted, often these estrangements carry on through generations.

That not only includes you in any further estrangement he chooses, but also increases the likelihood he’ll choose it.

Poverty, alienation, estrangement, continuously aggravated by racism, overt and institutional.

Those views contribute to a sense of estrangement Muslims feel from the rest of British society.

The estrangement, as emotional as it is physical, will be 21 years old in August.

So where exactly is the line that a family member must cross for estrangement to be justified and furthermore not stigmatized?

Her departure from her kids when they were young was like a severing of relations, an estrangement that has not eased to this day.

Absolute estrangement had followed the birth of their child nearly twenty years ago.

Though Castiglione thus brought him fresh honours, it nearly caused an estrangement between him and his chief.

Marmont indignantly refused to go in such a capacity, and a permanent estrangement nearly took place.

These discussions ended in an estrangement, for some time, between the two cronies.

There was a scene, however, which particularly marked the moment when in the life of this husband and wife estrangement began.