[ ey-tah-zhair, ey-tuh-; French ey-ta-zher ]

noun,plural é·ta·gères [ey-tah-zhairz; ey-tuh-; French ey-ta-zher]. /ˌeɪ tɑˈʒɛərz; ˌeɪ tə-; French eɪ taˈʒɛr/.
  1. a stand with a series of open shelves for small objects, bric-a-brac, etc.

Origin of étagère

Borrowed into English from French around 1850–55
  • Also e·ta·gere [ey-tah-zhair, ey-tuh-]. /ˌeɪ tɑˈʒɛər, ˌeɪ tə-/.

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How to use étagère in a sentence

  • The lustres of the chandelier are bright, and clusters of rubies leap in the bohemian glasses on the 'etagere'.

  • Not a single chair, table, sofa, etagere or console had been left in the state rooms of the Intendencia.

British Dictionary definitions for étagère


/ French (etaʒɛr) /

  1. a stand with open shelves for displaying ornaments, etc

Origin of étagère

C19: from French, from étage shelf; see stage

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