[ ē′tē-ə-lāshən ]

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  1. A pathological condition of plants that grow in places that provide insufficient light, as under stones. It is characterized by elongated stems and pale color due to lack of chlorophyll.

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  • etiolate verb

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  • Attention was drawn to the fact that by virtue of the laws which Darwin himself had discovered isolation leads to etiolation.

  • False etiolation depends on a similar abeyance of the chlorophyll, but in this case due to too low a temperature.

    Disease in Plants | H. Marshall Ward
  • Laying of Wheat and other cereals is a particular case of etiolation.

    Disease in Plants | H. Marshall Ward
  • It seems necessary to draw a distinction between this state and ordinary blanching or etiolation.

    Vegetable Teratology | Maxwell T. Masters
  • The last, in its wild state, is said to be pernicious, but etiolation changes the products and renders them harmless.