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[ yoo-luh-jahyz ]

verb (used with object)

, eu·lo·gized, eu·lo·giz·ing.
  1. to praise highly.

    Synonyms: panegyrize, commend, laud, extol

  2. to speak or write a eulogy about.


/ ˈjuːləˌdʒaɪz /


  1. to praise (a person or thing) highly in speech or writing
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Derived Forms

  • ˈeulogist, noun
  • ˌeuloˈgistic, adjective
  • ˌeuloˈgistically, adverb
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Other Words From

  • eulo·gi·zation noun
  • eulo·gizer noun
  • un·eulo·gized adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of eulogize1

First recorded in 1800–10; eulog(y) + -ize
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Example Sentences

Condolences eulogizing the life of the queen, however, buzzed alongside commentary criticizing the institution of the monarchy itself.

He’ll be eulogized today as the military hero and statesman he was.

Null let that worry go unchallenged and proceeded to eulogize his unvaccinated and deceased protégée.

After every big studio flop, industry insiders eulogize the the Age of the Movie Star.

As he did following the shootings in Arizona, Obama demonstrated his ability to move a crowd, to eulogize, to capture the moment.

Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy would even eulogize the troubled Socialist Party, comparing it to a decomposing corpse.

Here, family and friends eulogize the former Navy SEAL, outdoor enthusiast, and patriot.

Eulogizing Vidal was to eulogize the now long-gone epoch he typified.

I do not wish to eulogize, still less to whitewash, so great a man, but only to render simple justice to his memory and deeds.

Unless you eulogize whatever they say or do, unless you adapt yourself to their slightest whim, they become angry with you.

These compliments from the Press derive additional value from the following passage in the work they eulogize.

We had a candidate whose personal character and principles he had already described, whom he could not eulogize if he would.

During the day they eulogize the liberal; during the night they denounce instances of avarice.


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