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[yoo-on-uh-muh s]
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  1. any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Euonymus, of northern temperate regions, having opposite leaves, branching clusters of small, greenish or purplish flowers, and crimson or rose-colored capsules that on opening disclose the seed.
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Also evonymus.

Origin of euonymus

1760–70; < New Latin; Latin, noun use of Greek euṓnymos of good name. See eu-, -onym, -ous
Can be confusedanomalous anonymous euonymus unanimous
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Historical Examples

  • Mer also was intimate with a heathen philosopher, Euonymus of Gadara.

    History of the Jews, Vol. II (of 6)

    Heinrich Graetz

  • Euonymus, the spindle trees or prickwoods, a genus of shrubs or trees, nat.

  • Two shrubby species of Euonymus belong to the flora of North America, but the bulk of the large family is tropical.

    Trees Worth Knowing

    Julia Ellen Rogers

  • Within the vehicle were only the few roses she had been able to gather, with cedar and euonymus.

    Sons and Fathers

    Harry Stillwell Edwards

  • Then there is the Euonymus, so bright with its glossy green leaves, long a favorite whether for the border or window garden.

    Talks about Flowers.

    M. D. Wellcome

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  1. any tree or shrub of the N temperate genus Euonymus, such as the spindle tree, whose seeds are each enclosed in a fleshy, typically red, aril: family Celastraceae
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Word Origin

C18: from Latin: spindle tree, from Greek euōnumos fortunately named, from eu- + onoma name
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