or eu·sta·cy

[ yoo-stuh-see ]

noun,plural eu·sta·sies.Geology.
  1. any uniformly global change of sea level that may reflect a change in the quantity of water in the ocean, or a change in the shape and capacity of the ocean basins.

Origin of eustasy

1945–50; nominalization of eustatic caused by eustasy (<German eustatisch, coined by Austrian geologist Edward Suess (1831–1914); see eu-, static), with -stasy for -stasisstasis, probably on the model of ecstasy

Other words from eustasy

  • eu·stat·ic [yoo-stat-ik], /yuˈstæt ɪk/, adjective
  • eu·stat·i·cal·ly, adverb

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Scientific definitions for eustasy


[ yōōstə-sē ]

  1. A uniform worldwide change in sea level caused especially by fluctuations in the amount of water taken up by continental and polar icecaps, or by a change in the capacity of ocean basins.

Other words from eustasy

  • eustatic (yōō-stătĭk)

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