[ yoo-thuh-nahyz ]
/ 藞yu 胃蓹藢na瑟z /
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verb (used with object), eu路tha路nized, eu路tha路niz路ing.
to subject to euthanasia: to euthanize injured animals.
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Also especially British, eu路tha路nise . Rarely eu路than路a路tize [yoo-than-uh-tahyz]; /yu藞胃忙n 蓹藢ta瑟z/; especially British, eu路than路a路tise .

Origin of euthanize

First recorded in 1960鈥65; euthan(asia) + -ize
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What does聽euthanize mean?

Euthanize means to painlessly put a person or animal to death.

The decision to euthanize a person is usually made because they have a painful, incurable disease or condition which will cause them to die slowly and in great pain. Where it is legal, the dying person must consent to being euthanized and only a doctor or other permitted person is legally able to end that person鈥檚 life.

With animals, the decision is usually left to the animal鈥檚 owner, with a veterinarian or other qualified person actually ending the animal鈥檚 life. Animals are also usually euthanized because they are in great pain that cannot be relieved any other way.

Euthanize is also written as euthanatize. In British English, the spellings euthanise and euthanatise are also used.

Example: A veterinarian sometimes has to euthanize an animal when they will otherwise suffer a painful death.

Where does聽euthanize come from?

The first records of euthanize comes from around 1960. It comes from the noun euthanasia, which means 鈥渢he act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures.鈥 Euthanasia comes from the Greek euthanas铆a, meaning 鈥渁n easy death.鈥

Euthanizing humans is a fiercely debated topic and is only legal in certain places around the world. In the United States, doctors are not legally allowed to euthanize patients anywhere. However, some states do permit a doctor to participate in an assisted suicide, in which the patient administers the drug that causes a painless death.

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What are some other forms related to euthanize?

  • euthanatize (alternate form)
  • euthanise (alternate spelling)
  • euthanitise (alternate form)

What are some words that often get used in discussing euthanize?

How is聽euthanize used in real life?

Euthanize is almost always used to refer to animals. Euthanasia of humans is a very controversial topic.



How to use euthanize in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for euthanize


euthanise Austral euthanaze or euthanase (藞ju藧胃蓹藢ne瑟z)

/ (藞ju藧胃蓹藢na瑟z) /

(tr) to kill (a person or animal) painlessly, esp to relieve suffering from an incurable illness

Word Origin for euthanize

C20: back formation from euthanasia
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