[ev-uh-nes, ev-uh-nes]

verb (used without object), ev·a·nesced, ev·a·nesc·ing.

to disappear gradually; vanish; fade away.

Origin of evanesce

1815–25; < Latin ēvānēscere to vanish
Related formsev·a·nes·cence, nounev·a·nes·ci·ble, adjective
Can be confusedevanesce evaporate liquefy melt thaw transpire vaporizeevanescence evaporation liquefaction melting thawing transpiration vaporization
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disappearance, evaporation

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(intr) (of smoke, mist, etc) to fade gradually from sight; vanish

Word Origin for evanesce

C19: from Latin ēvānēscere to disappear; see vanish
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Word Origin and History for evanescence

1751; see evanescent + -ence. Evanescency is attested from 1660s.



1822, a back-formation from evanescence, or else from Latin evanescere "to pass away, vanish" (see evanescent).

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