[ ih-van-juh-leen, -lahyn, -lin ]

  1. a female given name, invented by H.W. Longfellow.

  • Also E·van·ge·li·na [ih-van-juh-lee-nuh]. /ɪˌvæn dʒəˈli nə/.

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[ ih-van-juh-lin ]

  1. a narrative poem (1847) by Longfellow.

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How to use Evangeline in a sentence

  • Whatever comfort Evangeline may have given Ford, it could not compensate for the death of his greatest creation.

  • In the following selection from “Evangeline,” trochees are substituted for dactyls, yet there is no break in the rhythm.

    English: Composition and Literature | W. F. (William Franklin) Webster
  • It was Evangeline—beautiful, broken-hearted Evangeline—the white face, the great dark lustrous eyes full of unspeakable woe.

    A Changed Heart | May Agnes Fleming
  • A lady who stayed here last summer lent me his poems, but best I understand the 'Evangeline.'

    Amy in Acadia | Helen Leah Reed
  • And absolutely necessary, Martine, to our understanding properly this land of Evangeline.

    Amy in Acadia | Helen Leah Reed
  • Beautiful as is the Evangeline of Longfellow, his Hexameter lines are sometimes hard to scan, and often grate harshly on the ear.

    Legends of the Northwest | Hanford Lennox Gordon