even up

  1. (adverb) to make or become equal, esp in respect of claims or debts; settle or balance

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How to use even up in a sentence

  • An Irish landlord knows full well that, even up to the present day, his tenants "keep the bread, and make borbhan."

  • He was so well brought up that he didn't forget his manners, even up high in the sky.

    Seven O'Clock Stories | Robert Gordon Anderson
  • Lippo simply could not stand such disorder, and to even up the pairs he took Bruno's hand.

    Maezli | Johanna Spyri
  • The defeated party, to even up matters, was given the northern peninsula between Superior and Huron, now her richest section.

    Ocean to Ocean on Horseback | Willard Glazier
  • Yet even up to this time the relations between his wife and the Queen were apparently most friendly.