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[ ih-ven-choo-uhl ]


  1. happening at some indefinite future time or after a series of occurrences; ultimate:

    His mistakes led to his eventual dismissal.

    Synonyms: later, consequent, subsequent

  2. depending upon uncertain events; contingent.


/ ɪˈvɛntʃʊəl /


  1. prenominal happening in due course of time; ultimate

    the eventual outcome was his defeat

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Word History and Origins

Origin of eventual1

1605–15; < Latin ēventu ( s ) event + -al 1, modeled of French éventuel

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Example Sentences

Awareness of signs and symptoms, along with engagement in screening as appropriate, will lead to the eventual eradication of the disease as a major form of cancer.

A few previous studies have found that runners who end up cramping tend to have started the race more quickly compared to their eventual average pace, suggesting that they’re paying the price for overestimating their fitness.

Unfortunately, layoffs are a hard but necessary step to align to our new reality, preserve liquidity and position ourselves for the eventual return to growth.

From Fortune

Some curious bullpen decisions and a Howie Kendrick grand slam later, the Dodgers became another in a line of teams with superior odds to fall to the eventual champs.

Their eventual goal is to be able to isolate RNA or DNA, details that could detect cancers and viruses.

By contrast, John McCain, the eventual GOP nominee, had raised approximately $12.7 million in the first quarter of 2007 alone.

The eventual deal, approved by Law 840 in June 2013, bore little resemblance to the original.

Most women never reported the incident, and most who did described dissatisfaction with the eventual outcome of the reporting.

Gus asks Hazel to speak at his eventual funeral, but decides he wants to hear what she has to say first.

The eventual outcome of the council was that Arius lost by a vote of 318-3.

Our friend we knew was faithful, for he had proved himself so, and we enjoyed a silent anticipation of our eventual triumph.

Adario, at this period, found an opportunity of making himself felt, and striking a blow for the eventual return of his nation.

Even Milton's blind eyes pictured nothing so fantastic as this architectural chaos of Manhattan, so hopeless of eventual order.

Five hours to devise one more completely foolproof method of bringing about the eventual ruin of the association.

Borrow clearly viewed this as only a preliminary success; he had in mind the eventual printing of the whole Bible.


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