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[ ih-vis-uh-rey-tid ]


  1. having the entrails or guts removed; disemboweled:

    This morning an eviscerated deer carcass was discovered on one of the back roads near the farm.

  2. deprived of vital or essential parts or elements:

    An eviscerated democracy cannot fulfill its responsibility.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of eviscerate ( def ).

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  • un·e·vis·cer·at·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

First of course, many eviscerated government services are not taken up by business.

This theme was touched upon in “Paradise Now” and is eviscerated in “Omar.”

To meet their budget targets, European allies are gutting already eviscerated military budgets.

Civil rights groups suspected that Johnson had willingly eviscerated the 1957 civil rights bill.

Instantly eviscerated by bloggers, the clip was quickly pulled off the Web—but not before it could be preserved for posterity.

Thus in the case of a wound which is obviously septic and going to terminate in panophthalmitis the eye should be eviscerated.

Truth becomes palpable, a theme is eviscerated, thought is lame, science is childish.

The caterpillars are eviscerated; each by a single beetle, or by several simultaneously.

All the males, to the number of twenty, have disappeared, eviscerated and completely emptied.

If he had not succeeded in escaping the ferocious female would undoubtedly have eviscerated him.