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[ ih-volv ]

verb (used with object)

, e·volved, e·volv·ing.
  1. to develop gradually:

    to evolve a scheme.

  2. to give off or emit, as odors or vapors.

verb (used without object)

, e·volved, e·volv·ing.
  1. to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution:

    The whole idea evolved from a casual remark.

  2. to gradually change one's opinions or beliefs:

    candidates who are still evolving on the issue;

    an evolved feminist mom.

  3. Biology. to develop by a process of evolution to a different adaptive state or condition:

    The human species evolved from an ancestor that was probably arboreal.


/ ɪˈvɒlv /


  1. to develop or cause to develop gradually
  2. intr (of animal or plant species) to undergo evolution
  3. tr to yield, emit, or give off (heat, gas, vapour, etc)


/ ĭ-vŏlv /

  1. To undergo biological evolution, as in the development of new species or new traits within a species.
  2. To develop a characteristic through the process of evolution.
  3. To undergo change and development, as the structures of the universe.

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Derived Forms

  • eˈvolvable, adjective
  • eˈvolver, noun
  • eˈvolvement, noun

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Other Words From

  • e·volva·ble adjective
  • e·volvement noun
  • e·volver noun
  • none·volving adjective
  • self-e·volved adjective
  • self-e·volving adjective
  • une·volved adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of evolve1

First recorded in 1635–45; from Latin ēvolvere “to unroll, open, unfold,” equivalent to ē- e- 1 + volvere “to roll, turn”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of evolve1

C17: from Latin ēvolvere to unfold, from volvere to roll

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Example Sentences

However, scientists’ grasp on exactly how the technology works is still evolving.

From Fortune

We have to go there if we want this to evolve into something that’s taken seriously.

From Digiday

Cowboys with ample cash and minimal expertise built a house of cards with questionable business models amidst rapidly evolving regulations.

From Quartz

The evolving e-commerce blueprintIn just a few short days in March 2020, Amazon went from being an online shopping destination to a lifeline for millions of locked-down consumers, and it changed the advertising landscape for brands as they knew it.

From Digiday

Your job is to adapt, evolve, and do what’s best for your business and your customers.

Plus there is another problem that the viruses pose—the problem that apparently is the culprit this year—they evolve.

He expected European capitalism to evolve spontaneously into a market socialism of worker-owned cooperatives.

Beyond that, how will China evolve its rigid Internet policy?

Darwin was among the many scientists that have helped society evolve out of mysticism, superstition and faith.

WITW: How did your brand evolve and what were the important elements to building it?

But France had had enough of the Terror, and knew that she could evolve her safety by other means than that of the guillotine.

But before I have time to evolve a satisfactory explanation, I hear Wingie tiptoeing back.

Spottily, and maybe that's worse, because some parts will evolve forward and others reverse, as is happening in my own body.

But it was a truce only and there was no indication that it could ever evolve into friendship.

Out of this vast sea of mud Nature has had to evolve another creation, beginning de novo, with her lowest forms.


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