ex libris

[ eks lee-bris, lahy- ]
/ ɛks ˈli brɪs, ˈlaɪ- /

from the library of (a phrase inscribed in or on a book before the name of the owner): Ex libris Jane Doe.

noun, plural ex li·bris

an inscription in or on a book, to indicate the owner; bookplate.

Origin of ex libris

First recorded in 1875–80, ex libris is from the Latin word ex lībrīs out of the books (of), from the books (of)
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British Dictionary definitions for ex libris

ex libris

/ (ɛks ˈliːbrɪs) /


from the collection or library of: frequently printed on bookplates

noun ex-libris

a bookplate bearing the owner's name, coat of arms, etc

Word Origin for ex libris

C19: from Latin, literally: from the books (of)
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