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[ eg-zawl-tey-shuhn, ek-sawl- ]


  1. the act of exalting.
  2. the state of being exalted.
  3. elation of mind or feeling, sometimes abnormal or morbid in character; rapture: euphoric exaltation.

    mystical exaltation;

    euphoric exaltation.

    Synonyms: euphoria, transport, exultation

  4. Chiefly British. a flight of larks.
  5. Astrology. the sign of the zodiac in which the most positive influence of a planet is expressed ( fall def 51 ).
  6. Chemistry. (formerly) the process of subliming.


/ ˌɛɡzɔːlˈteɪʃən /


  1. the act of exalting or state of being exalted
  2. a feeling of intense well-being or exhilaration; elation; rapture
  3. a flock of larks
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Other Words From

  • hyper·exal·tation noun
  • self-exal·tation noun
  • super·exal·tation noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of exaltation1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English exaltacioun, from Latin exaltātiōn- (stem of exaltātiō ). See exalt, -ation
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Synonym Study

See ecstasy.
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Example Sentences

Rather than freeze a particular moment, Worrell seeks to capture the exaltation such an instant can spark.

Let’s call it a sigh of relief building to a cheer of exaltation.

From Time

Clearly a call to charity, this is also an exaltation of parenthood.

This exaltation of suffering may be difficult for many non-Catholics to understand.

What made more sense than to sing a niggun, a tune of longing and exaltation?

Many people think of religion in personal terms, of the solace or insight or exaltation it can provide.

One old woman, called Judy, came near having the power, as they call a kind of fit of spiritual exaltation.

The sight of her aroused in me feelings which bore, I think, a close resemblance to religious exaltation.

She was now in Gemini, and therefore halfway from her exaltation to her depression.

But to Charity, in the reaction from her mood of passionate exaltation, there was something disquieting in his silence.

Yet these pains in her body, this alternate exaltation and depression, this pitiful weakness!


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