[ eg-zawl-tey-shuhn, ek-sawl- ]
/ ˌɛg zɔlˈteɪ ʃən, ˌɛk sɔl- /


the act of exalting.
the state of being exalted.
elation of mind or feeling, sometimes abnormal or morbid in character; rapture: mystical exaltation; euphoric exaltation.
Chiefly British. a flight of larks.
Astrology. the sign of the zodiac in which the most positive influence of a planet is expressed (opposed to falldef 51).
Chemistry. (formerly) the process of subliming.


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Origin of exaltation

1350–1400; Middle English exaltacioun < Latin exaltātiōn- (stem of exaltātiō). See exalt, -ation


hy·per·ex·al·ta·tion, nounself-ex·al·ta·tion, nounsu·per·ex·al·ta·tion, noun

synonym study for exaltation

3. See ecstasy.
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British Dictionary definitions for exaltation

/ (ˌɛɡzɔːlˈteɪʃən) /


the act of exalting or state of being exalted
a feeling of intense well-being or exhilaration; elation; rapture
a flock of larks
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