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/ ɪɡˈzæmɪnə /


  1. one who examines or inspects
  2. a person who sets or marks an examination
  3. law (in the Republic of Ireland) a person appointed by a court to ensure the survival of an Irish public limited company

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Example Sentences

But the medical examiner reported that Brinsley had eaten nothing at all.

New York medical examiner Dr. Elliott Gross instead ruled that he died of heart failure.

After all, not every county medical examiner can spot CTE on microscopic slides.

“Daughter” was the second-most Googled search term for the Louisiana race, the Washington Examiner reported.

The remains have also been sent to the chief medical examiner in Richmond for official forensic identification.

The keenest lawyer in our county is not so clever a cross-examiner as his sister when she sits with her needles and yarn.

Dont forget to tell the examiner that Toly and Modi are prepared for the upper division, so runs the gist of his letters.

This examination is made by an examiner, whose decision, however, is not conclusive and may be set aside by the commissioner.

If you make your claims broader than that one example, the Examiner will reject you for lack of disclosure.

By that time I had gone over the entire rejection and planned my complete response to the Examiner.


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