[ ek-skal-uh-ber ]

  1. Arthurian Legend. the magic sword of King Arthur.

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How to use Excalibur in a sentence

  • I've been calling you that in my mind since the night of the Duke's ball, when you were just home from school on Excalibur.

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  • The cloud-veil hid the stars from Gram, and Elaine had missed them, since coming home from Excalibur.

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  • For it was after that fight that King Arthur obtained his famous sword Excalibur, as was therein told.

  • He was the last of Arthur's knights, and was sent by the dying king to throw his sword Excalibur into the mere.

British Dictionary definitions for Excalibur


/ (ɛkˈskælɪbə) /

  1. (in Arthurian legend) the magic sword of King Arthur

Origin of Excalibur

C14: from Old French Escalibor, from Medieval Latin Caliburnus, from Welsh Caledvwlch, perhaps related to Irish Caladbolg a legendary sword (literally: hard belly, hence, voracious)

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Cultural definitions for Excalibur


[ (eks-kal-uh-buhr) ]

The sword of King Arthur (see also Arthur). In one version of the legends of Arthur, he proved his right to rule by pulling Excalibur out of a stone. In another version, he received Excalibur from a maiden, the Lady of the Lake, to whom he returned it at the end of his life.

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