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verb (used without object),ex·celled, ex·cel·ling.
  1. to surpass others or be superior in some respect or area; do extremely well: to excel in math.

verb (used with object),ex·celled, ex·cel·ling.
  1. to surpass; be superior to; outdo: He excels all other poets of his day.

Origin of excel

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English, from Middle French exceller, from Latin excellere, equivalent to ex- ex-1 + -cellere “to rise high, tower” (akin to celsus “high”)

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2. Excel, outdo, surpass imply being better than others or being superior in achievement. To excel is to be superior in some quality, attainment, or performance: to excel opponents at playing chess. To outdo is to make more successful effort than others: to outdo competitors in the high jump. To surpass is to go beyond others, especially in a contest as to quality or ability: to surpass one's classmates in knowledge of corporation law.

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Other words from excel

  • un·ex·celled, adjective
  • un·ex·cel·ling, adjective

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/ (ɪkˈsɛl) /

verb-cels, -celling or -celled
  1. to be superior to (another or others); surpass

  2. (intr; foll by in or at) to be outstandingly good or proficient: he excels at tennis

Origin of excel

C15: from Latin excellere to rise up

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