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[ ik-speld ]


  1. driven or forced out or away; discharged:

    She drew in a long puff, then eyed her cigarette thoughtfully through the slowly expelled smoke.

  2. cut off from membership or participation:

    An expelled student will be removed from all classes and will not be permitted to reenroll.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of expel ( def ).

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  • un·ex·pelled adjective

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Example Sentences

Nevertheless, border officials tested unaccompanied children seeking asylum — and expelled them even if their results were negative.

The superconducting fluid also expels magnetic fields — an effect that could allow magnetically levitating vehicles to float frictionlessly above superconducting rails.

The team also applied an oscillating magnetic field to the material, and showed that, when the material became a superconductor, it expelled that magnetic field from its interior, another sign of superconductivity.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has promised to expel anyone from the debate hall in Utah who does not follow a mandate to wear a mask indoors.

Last month, Cai Xia, a former teacher at the Party’s top academy, was also expelled from the Party after her denouncement of Xi as a “mafia boss” in a recording leaked online.

From Quartz

Grimm could be forced from office if he is expelled by a two-thirds vote of the House.

Interestingly, if Grimm is expelled, he is not legally prohibited from running in the special election for his seat.

We do know with great precision what happened to the expelled student.

He left, but many other mercenaries stayed, and two years later they were executed or expelled after a mutiny in Stanleyville.

If you are found by a committee of students to be guilty of violating the Honor Code, you are expelled.

They affirmed it was an antidote to all poison; that it expelled rheums, sour humours, and obstructions of all kinds.

Likewise a large part of the Japanese have been expelled, so that for a long time there have not been so few of them here as now.

Rash Americans were apt to say the danger was over now that the French were "expelled from Canada."

A member who has been wrongfully expelled may be restored by a mandamus proceeding issued by a court.

The general assembly of Corsica, consisting of 1,009 delegates, unanimously expelled the Bonaparte family.


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