[ ek-suh-luh n-see ]
/ ˈɛk sə lən si /

noun, plural ex·cel·len·cies.

(usually initial capital letter) Also Excellence. a title of honor given to certain high officials, as governors, ambassadors, and Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops (preceded by his, your, etc.).
(usually initial capital letter) a person so entitled.
(usually initial capital letter) the title of the governor general of Canada while in office.
Usually excellencies. excellent qualities or features.

Origin of excellency

1275–1325; Middle English excellencie < Latin excellentia. See excellent, -ency


su·per·ex·cel·len·cy, noun, plural su·per·ex·cel·len·cies.
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/ (ˈɛksələnsɪ) /

noun plural -lencies or -lences

(usually preceded by Your, His, or Her) a title used to address or refer to a high-ranking official, such as an ambassador or governor
RC Church a title of bishops and archbishops in many non-English-speaking countries
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