[ ik-sep-ting ]
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  1. excluding; barring; saving; with the exception of; except: Excepting the last chapter, the book is finished.

  1. Archaic. except; unless; save.

Origin of excepting

First recorded in 1540–50; except2 + -ing2

synonym study For excepting

1. See except1.

Other words from excepting

  • non·ex·cept·ing, adjective
  • un·ex·cept·ing, adjective

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How to use excepting in a sentence

  • He was the strangest-looking creature Davy had ever seen, not even excepting the Goblin.

    Davy and The Goblin | Charles E. Carryl
  • They were quite different excepting only in the fact that they also had done marvels of fighting and endurance.

  • We modestly reminded her that we always did go, excepting of course on this particular Sunday.

  • In her husband's loyalty (always excepting his feeling towards Miss Ashton) she rested fully assured.

    Elster's Folly | Mrs. Henry Wood
  • Some minutes passed in silence, Norman lying still, excepting a nervous trembling that agitated his whole frame.

    The Daisy Chain | Charlotte Yonge

British Dictionary definitions for excepting


/ (ɪkˈsɛptɪŋ) /

  1. excluding; except; except for (esp in the phrase not excepting)

  1. an archaic word for unless

usage For excepting

The use of excepting is considered by many people to be acceptable only after not, only, or without. Elsewhere except is preferred: every country agreed to the proposal except (not excepting) Spain; he was well again except for (not excepting) a slight pain in his chest

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