[ ik-sep-tiv ]
/ ɪkˈsɛp tɪv /


being or making an exception.
disposed to take exception; objecting.

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Origin of exceptive

From the Late Latin word exceptīvus, dating back to 1555–65. See except2, -ive

Related formsex·cep·tive·ly, adverbun·ex·cep·tive, adjective

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Examples from the Web for exceptive

  • Is it not announced as a general maxim, to which there can be no exceptive case, Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof?

    A Lamp to the Path|W. K. Tweedie
  • This exceptive compliment to his skill was not so acceptable to the Doctor, whose passion boiled over at the new indignity.

    The O'Donoghue|Charles James Lever

British Dictionary definitions for exceptive


/ (ɪkˈsɛptɪv) /


relating to or forming an exception
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