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[ ik-sahy-tuh-buhl ]


  1. easily excited:

    Prima donnas had the reputation of being excitable and temperamental.

    Synonyms: fiery, passionate, emotional

    Antonyms: placid

  2. capable of being excited.


/ ɪkˈsaɪtəbəl /


  1. easily excited; volatile
  2. (esp of a nerve) ready to respond to a stimulus

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Derived Forms

  • exˌcitaˈbility, noun
  • exˈcitably, adverb
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Other Words From

  • ex·cita·ble·ness noun
  • ex·cita·bly adverb
  • nonex·cita·ble adjective
  • nonex·cita·ble·ness noun
  • nonex·cita·bly adverb
  • unex·cita·ble adjective
  • unex·cita·ble·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of excitable1

From the Late Latin word excitābilis, dating back to 1600–10. See excite, -able
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Example Sentences

They also found that mice without the MEF2 gene in their frontal cortex did not show the expected cognitive benefit from being raised in a stimulating environment, and their neurons became abnormally excitable.

“The Bulgarian Brute,” the excitable announcers called Rusev.

It has a host of excitable talking heads and pretty pictures.

In Steve, she plays Mary Magdalene Horowitz, an excitable loser who spends her days confiding in her only friend—a pet hamster.

Comfortable, warm and with hot tea being served, the night had the excitable air of a party.

Excitable CEO Steve Ballmer issued a new memo outlining how the company is preparing (yet again) for the new age of technology.

He is of so excitable a constitution, that his faculties being so far confused is the best thing, perhaps, that could be.

I sit at home nearly all day, and Rubinstein, who leads rather an excitable life, cannot sufficiently marvel at my industry.

There is a false hydrophobia observed in excitable persons that have been bitten by a dog thought to be mad.

His manner was sometimes excitable, as we have seen above; but usually he was like what gentlemen with us desire to be.

As I ran by the side of the excitable fishers, I urged upon one or two of them the wisdom and duty of preventing a conflict.