[ ik-sahy-tid ]
/ ɪkˈsaɪ tɪd /


stirred emotionally; agitated: An excited crowd awaited the arrival of the famed rock group.
stimulated to activity; brisk: an excited buying and selling of stocks.

Origin of excited

First recorded in 1650–60; excite + -ed2
Related forms
Can be confusedexcited exited

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[ ik-sahyt ]
/ ɪkˈsaɪt /

verb (used with object), ex·cit·ed, ex·cit·ing.

Origin of excite

1300–50; Middle English < Latin excitāre, equivalent to ex- ex-1 + citāre, frequentative of ciēre to set in motion
Related formspre·ex·cite, verb (used with object), pre·ex·cit·ed, pre·ex·cit·ing.
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/ (ɪkˈsaɪtɪd) /


emotionally aroused, esp to pleasure or agitation
characterized by excitementan excited dance
sexually aroused
(of an atom, molecule, etc) occupying an energy level above the ground state

Derived Formsexcitedly, adverbexcitedness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for excited (2 of 2)


/ (ɪkˈsaɪt) /

verb (tr)

Word Origin for excite

C14: from Latin excitāre, from exciēre to stimulate, from ciēre to set in motion, rouse
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