exclamation point



the sign (!) used in writing after an exclamation.
this mark sometimes used in writing two or more times in succession to indicate intensity of emotion, loudness, etc.: Long live the Queen!!
this mark sometimes used without accompanying words in writing direct discourse to indicate a speaker's dumbfounded astonishment: “His wife just gave birth to quintuplets.”(!)

Origin of exclamation point

First recorded in 1860–65
Also called exclamation mark.
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Historical Examples of exclamation point

  • An exclamation-point sometimes gives the same words quite another meaning.

    The Verbalist

    Thomas Embly Osmun, (AKA Alfred Ayres)

  • An obelisk made an exclamation-point against the sky, or the ruins of a temple fretted the horizon.

    As Seen By Me

    Lilian Bell

  • Few whose eyes are turned upward toward the trees have failed to note that exclamation-point of growth, the Lombardy poplar.

exclamation point in Culture

exclamation point

A punctuation mark (!) used after an abrupt and emphatic statement or after a command: “‘Help!’ he cried, as his boat floated toward the edge of Niagara Falls.”

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