[ eks-kloo-siv-i-tee ]
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  1. the fact of shutting out some other thing; incompatibility:The apparent mutual exclusivity of their claims might seem to lead to inevitable conflict and deadlock.

  2. the act or practice of shutting out all others from a relation, process, location, etc.:The vows of marriage speak of exclusivity, permanence, and total self-giving.The program encourages mothers to maintain breastfeeding exclusivity—no formula or solid food—for the first six months of their infant’s life.

  1. the tendency to resist including those who are different or do not meet a narrow set of criteria:The island’s population has maintained strong ties to cultural traditions—yet it is not a culture of exclusivity, but one that provides pathways for all to prosper.

  2. the fact or quality of catering to, or being restricted to, affluent or upper-class people, often by virtue of comparatively high prices:It is one of the most fashionable vacation hotspots in the world, with a reputation for exclusivity, luxury, and breathtaking beauty.

  3. a provision in a contract or piece of legislation that shuts out competition:Ending handset exclusivity will allow cell phone carriers to attract customers based on network quality and the services offered.

Origin of exclusivity

First recorded in 1880–85; from French exclusivité, equivalent to exclusiv(e) + -ity
  • Also ex·clu·sive·ness [ik-skloo-siv-nis] /ɪkˈsklu sɪv nɪs/ .

Other words from exclusivity

  • sem·i·ex·clu·sive·ness, noun
  • sem·i·ex·clu·siv·i·ty, noun
  • ul·tra·ex·clu·sive·ness, noun
  • ul·tra·ex·clu·siv·i·ty, noun
  • un·ex·clu·sive·ness, noun
  • un·ex·clu·siv·i·ty, noun

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