[ ik-skroo-shee-ey-shuh n ]
/ ɪkˌskru ʃiˈeɪ ʃən /


the act of excruciating.
the state of being excruciated.
an instance of this; torture.

Origin of excruciation

1610–20; < Late Latin excruciātiōn- (stem of excruciātiō)
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Examples from the Web for excruciation

  • Let us take a common sense view of this excruciation—ex—ex—I mean exquisite argument.

    Rattlin the Reefer|Edward Howard
  • Of her originally sprang the inspired teaching of the doom of men to excruciation in endlessness.

  • The proper bows were interchanged; and then came Crang's excruciation.

    Perlycross|R. D. Blackmore
  • Only meanwhile he wants—it was a phrase of his own—to keep all the excruciation for his own private enjoyment.

    When Ghost Meets Ghost|William Frend De Morgan