[ ik-skur-uhnt, -skuhr- ]

  1. running out or forth.

  2. Zoology. giving passage outward; affording exit: the excurrent canal of certain sponges.

  1. Botany.

    • having the axis prolonged so as to form an undivided main stem or trunk, as the stem of the spruce.

    • projecting beyond the apex, as the midrib in certain leaves.

Origin of excurrent

1595–1605; <Latin excurrent- (stem of excurrēns) present participle of excurrere to run forth. See ex-1, current

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British Dictionary definitions for excurrent


/ (ɛkˈskʌrənt) /

  1. zoology having an outward flow, as certain pores in sponges, ducts, etc

  2. botany

    • (of veins) extending beyond the margin of the leaf

    • having an undivided main stem or trunk, as the spruce and other conifers

  1. flowing or running in an outward direction

Origin of excurrent

C19: from Latin excurrere to run forth; see excursion

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